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Search for Amelia Earhart

The holy grail of all missing aircraft is Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra which went missing on a round the world flight in July of 1937.
There are multiple theories about her disappearance but I believe she landed on Nikumaroro island located in the Phoenix group of islands in the central Pacific. I (John Rippinger) was on an expedition to the island two years ago with National Geographic and the TIGHAR group looking for aircraft parts underwater and bone fragments on a site were we believe she died.
Fred Hiebert from National Geographic convinced Robert Ballard (the guy that found the Titanic) to come take a look down at a depth of 15000 feet for the aircraft. That was in August and Nation Geographic will have a two hour special on October 20 to tell us what Ballard found and explain TIGHAR’s logic for where Amelia died. Make sure that you tune in to find out the answers to an 82 year old mystery.

Link to the National Geographic promo for October 20th.
Digging for bone and tooth fragments at the site where we think Amelia died.
The beach and flat reef where we think that Amelia landed at low tide.