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Frank “Nordo” Fastner Has Gone West

Frank “Nordo” Fastner Has Gone West Frank “Nordo” Fastner flew West on October 2, 2019. He is survived by his wife Thelma of Wildwood TN. The best description of Frank was by Lou Drendel in his book “The Lima Lima Flight Team.”

Frank is a retired electrical engineerand ex USAF weatherman, who analyzed thunderstorms by penetrating them in a P-61 Black Widow. He is an avid out-doorsman who takes an annual solo hike into the Rockies for a week of contemplation. He has been flying for over fifty years,accumulating over 4000 hours in a variety of aircraft. Frank has flown the T-34 for over 20 years and is a charter member of the team and Mentor Flyers.Frank has so many flying stories from his over 4000 hours of adventures, that he has numbered them. Despite his impressive intellectual credentials, Frank never seemed to be able to master the audio panel, hence his call sign; “NORDO” (No Radio)

Blue skies and tailwinds my friend.