The Lima Lima Flight Team


Co-Star of Top Gun

anthony-goose-edwardsWe ran into Anthony “Goose” Edwards from the movie Top Gun last year at the Syracuse NY Airshow. A very personable guy. Pictured left to right: Skip Aldous, Roger Fritzler, Anthony Edwards, Steve Smith and Mark Miller.

Hope That You Have a “Blast” in 2017!

Happy New Year to all of our friends, fans and sponsors. We are looking forward to a great 2017 and hope you are too. This picture was taken several years ago at the Rockford AirFest and shows Rich Gibson (Rich’s Incredible Pyro), and both Susan and John Rippinger. Of course Susan got to push the Wylie Coyote plunger on Rich’s command and the results were spectacular. It’ s appropriately named “The Wall of Fire” and it does get hot.susan-blows-the-wall

Seasons Greetings

This is the time of year when the pilots and families of the Lima Lima Flight Team traditionally extend our warmest holiday greetings to all of our friends, fans, Sponsors and airshow promoters. Without your continued support we would not be going into our 29th year in the airshow business.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Florence Henderson Has Gone West

Florence Henderson passed away this week at age 82. She had been a TV icon for decades. (Click here for more details. The Lima Lima Flight Team had the opportunity to take her flying at the Chicago Air & Water Show back in 2008. She was a very adventurous lady back then at age 74. The pictures below show Bill Cherwin giving Florence her May West briefing and then her parachute briefing. Then a big “thumbs up” shot with Bill and Vlado Lenoch before her big flight.


florence-henderson-4florence-hendersonflorence-henderson-3florence-henderson-2 )

60 Year Old Design

Pretty good looking aircraft for having been designed over 60 years ago. Of course, the plane on the left is the Navy Blue Angel’s C-130 transport. The plane on the right is the venerable T-34 Mentor which was used by the Navy for over 25 years as their primary trainer. The picture was taken at The Chicago-Gary Airport in around 2010.60-year-old-design

Four is In!

This is what it looks like from the slot or #4 position in our diamond formation. The radio call “Four is in” lets the leader know that he has a diamond formation and can start maneuvering. Roger “Fritz” Fritzler is flying #4 and our friend Chris Dilley took the picture from his back seat. Keep in mind that Chris was using a fish eye lense so that the aircraft appear to be much further apart than they really are.Fritz in the slot

T-34 Pilot

There are a lot of warbirds that we could be flying but many of us have chosen the T-34 Mentor as our favorite aircraft. That sentiment is also shared by our wives and significant others. The text on the picture reads, “If you’re sleeping with a T-34 pilot, raise your glass! If you’re not, raise your standards!” Susan and John Rippinger approve of this ad!T34 Pilot.jpg