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Bill Reesman has “Gone West.”

Our good friend and airshow pilot Bill Reesman passed away April 15, 2011 near his home in Southern California. He will be missed on the circuit. Our prayers are with Julie.


  1. Julie Nistico Reesman says:

    You are so kind and Bill loved you Lima Lima Boyz and me too. Thank you for being Bill’s friend. Appreciate the prayers…they are most needed. I miss him so much too. xoxo

  2. limaflight says:

    Our next airshow is on Veteran’s Day weekend and we will dedicate our missing man formation to Bill.

    • Julie Nistico Reesman says:

      Oh thank you so much for doing the missing man for Bill. That is so kind of you all. Wish I was there to see it! I’m sure he would be most pleased that Lima Lima would be the ones to do the missing man.

      Miss him badly. Happy 4th to you and the gang.

      Julie xoxo

  3. BILL STEELE says:

    Julie, I just found out about Bill and I am sad to have lost a friend he was quite a guy. I have tried to contact you however the last time I saw you was at the air show in oceana and the number you gave me at that time has changed. Please contact me via e-mail or give me a buzz.757-375-1344. I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best. Bill Steele

    • Julie Nistico Reesman says:

      Thanks Bill. Sorry you were not able to get in touch with me. The mail box is full a lot these days. Please try again. My number is; 805-230-0160. And, yes he was quite a guy for sure. Thank you for your kind comments.


  4. Georg Spence says:

    Michael and I are saddend to hear of Bills death I have many
    fond memories of my visits with you at the Miramar Airshow. Mike
    is 21 now but he still remembers when bill let him sit in the Mig.
    I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner but I just found out today from
    the Val Line guys.My prayers are with you.
    Georg Spence
    MCAS Miramar
    Lox Supervisor

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